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Much like the caller in the Lady Gaga hit song “Telephone,” some visitors to Amazon’s site received a busy signal Monday when they tried to … Continue reading Lady Gaga Album Demand Overwhelms Amazon Servers

Lady Gaga Album Demand Delays Amazon

Amazon. com Inc.’s one-day, 99-cent promotion of Lady Gaga’s highly anticipated second studio album, “Born This Way,” caused download delays on the … Continue reading Lady Gaga Album Demand Delays Amazon

If you thought flashing moneybags and behaving like spoiled middle school students to the glee of thousands of adoring fans was the key to eternal wealth, have we got news for you. Despite making millions for the network, the women of Bravo’s ratings juggernaut docu-soap The Real Housewives (now in five cities, including Washington, DC) [...] Continue reading “The Real Housewives” Demand Higher Wages

Fangs: The biggest craze to hit the dental scene since the Gold Tooth Pandemic of the 1980s! From clothing line to an international obsession with Robert Pattinson, the blockbuster Twilight Saga has inspired a bevy of fads that have captivated its devoted legion of followers since the first film took a bite out of theaters in [...] Continue reading Vampire Veneers In Demand: Teen Twi-Hards Scramble For $200 Fangs

Petition Organized On-line: Demand for Google Voice

The public has recently been given the possibility to see Google Voice, a desktop application, in action. After that, fans of this application organized an on-line petition at giveusgvdesktop.com. They claimed Google to introduce Google Voice to the public. In addition they wrote: their petition reflected the great demand for the product. The final goal [...] Continue reading Petition Organized On-line: Demand for Google Voice