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‘Lost’ actor departs ABC drama ‘Scandal’

 ‘Lost’ actor departs ABC drama ‘Scandal’Scandal may have earned a second season pickup, but not everyone will be coming back to put out political fires in Washington.

Henry Ian Cusick will not reprise his role as Stephen Finch in the drama that stars Kerry Washington as a political fixer. His arc was somewhat limited during the drama’s first seven episodes.

The news was first reported in THR.

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Pete Travis Departs Dredd

October 7, 2011

judge dredd Pete Travis Departs DreddIn an unusual turn of events, director Pete Travis has departed the “2000 A.D” comic book adaptation Dredd during the post-production stage. The LA Times has the news, reporting that Travis was removed from the project shortly after photography was completed due to “creative disagreements” with the producers.

Alex Garland, who both wrote and produced Dredd, is now in charge of overseeing