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“Low Winter Sun” comes to the end of its first season on Sunday (Oct. 6) with a double episode. “Ann Arbor” and “Surrender” work together to close the gritty Detroit police drama.

The question is, did the episodes succeed?

In the first of the two episodes in the finale, “Ann Arbor,” Frank (Mark Strong) has to struggle to keep his own sanity

I’d like to open this piece with “I couldn’t make this stuff up,” but that’s not true. I could absolutely make this stuff up, but I wouldn’t because it’s so outrageously stupid:

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To borrow a phrase from the legendary New York Yankee Yogi Berra, it was “deja vu all over again” for Charlie Sheen Friday night at Radio City Music Hall. You would have thought you were in Detroit the way the crowd heckled and booed, RadarOnline.com is reporting.

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