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Is it another case of affluenza?

Kennedy cousin, Michael Skakel, who was recently released from prison last year after serving 11 years on a 20-year sentence for allegedly killing neighbor Martha Moxley in 1975, received permission to relocate a GPS device from his ankle because it didn’t fit his ski boot.

RadarOnline.com spoke exclusively to Martha’s mother, Dorthy Moxley, who told us, there is nothing she can do about it.

During the telephone interview… Continue reading ‘Affluenza’ Outrage As Robert F. Kennedy’s Nephew Is Allowed To Relocate His GPS Device Because It Didn’t Fit Ski Boot, Victim’s Mother Breaks Her Silence

Plot%20Device%20(590%20x%20328) Watch: Plot Device is the Latest Short Film to Buzz Around Hollywood

Seth Worley is living the Hollywood dream. A relative unknown a few weeks ago, the fledgling filmmaker is now the talk of the town thanks to his short film/product promo Plot Device. The micro film has industry execs so excited that Worley is set to head to Tinseltown to meet with agents and producers. Not bad for a guy… Continue reading Watch: 'Plot Device' is the Latest Short Film to Buzz Around Hollywood

Device to revolutionise blood pressure measurement

blood pressure 150x150 Device to revolutionise blood pressure measurementA new device is set to revolutionise the way a patient’s blood pressure (BP) is measured. Developed by scientists at the University of Leicester and HealthSTATS – a medical device company in Singapore – it gives a more accurate reading than the current method used. The device monitors the pressure close to the heart, the [...] Continue reading Device to revolutionise blood pressure measurement

Producers of a laser device, which is being touted as another lightsaber, have brushed away claims from the makers of ”Star Wars” to cease production. Star Wars maker Lucasfilm has said that the Spyder III Pro Arctic laser has spoiled the reputation of lightsabers. Wicked Lasers began selling the Arctic Pro Spyder III laser online [...] Continue reading Creators of lightsaber say device no ”Star Wars” clone

HTC EVO 4G creates new sales record

The HTC EVO 4G has established a new record in sales as it clocked sale of 320,000 units of the smartphone on its first day of launch on June 4. Earlier, Sprint held the record for the sale in the U.S.
This estimate of sales has been reported by research firm FBR Capital Markets. [...] Continue reading HTC EVO 4G creates new sales record