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Do movie trailers really have an effect on whether or not we see a movie? I’m not talking about the trailers that confirm for us that an anticipated movie will be worth seeing. And I’m not talking about a trailer that simply alerts the mainstream, non-movie-site-following public to the existence of a movie they immediately deem worth seeing. I mean a trailer… Continue reading Discussion: What Was the Last Trailer to Change Your Mind About a Movie?

It’s always difficult to put together a list like this because someone is going to disagree with you when you place one trilogy above another, or completely leave out one that’s beloved by so many people. Such is the case with this latest list over at PopMatters, where they — like others who have come before them — have attempted to list the top ten movie… Continue reading Open Discussion: The Top Ten Greatest Movie Trilogies of All Time

I saw ‘The Help’ at a daytime screening two weeks ago, and I’ve never been more grateful to be in possession of a pair of sunglasses than I was when I left the dark theater and emerged into the light. Yes, reader, I cried, and I defy any sentient being among you to get through this film about women and race in the Jim Crow South without doing… Continue reading Video Discussion: Is 'The Help' Part of the Racial-Equality Solution, or Part of the Problem?

This September, former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer, who infamously resigned in disgrace after he was outed as a patron of Manhattan pussy peddler-turned-advice guru Ashley Dupre, will join Pulitzer Prize-winning conservative columnist Kathleen Parker for a still-untitled “newsy” roundtable series that will replace departing anchor Campbell Brown in CNN’s lagging 8 PM slot, the […] Continue reading Eliot Spitzer CNN Comeback – “Luv Gov” Paired With Conservative Kathleen Parker For Roundtable Discussion Show