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Diana documentary shown at Cannes

Keith Allen has insisted his documentary about the death of Princess Diana is not “a sensationalist film”.. The work, called Unlawful Killing, was … Continue reading Diana documentary shown at Cannes

It is hard to think of many more luckless or traumatic fates than being a Jewish child in Nazi Germany. But imagine if you were also deaf. In the documentary Ingelore, first time director Frank Stiefel relates the story of his mother, Ingelore Herz Honigstein, who was born without the ability to hear to Jewish  How a documentary director’s deaf, Jewish, mother escaped from the Nazis: Frank Stiefel talks about his remarkable HBO film, ‘Ingelore’

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For the globally conscious among us who want to want to see Hotel Rwanda (how long has it been sitting in your Netflix queue?), Earth Made of Glass, exec produced by Channing Tatum, offers an emotionally engaging, informative view of post-genocide Rwanda that spares you from anything too hard to stomach. The idea of the film  Channing Tatum and director/producer talk new documentary ‘Earth Made of Glass’

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On Thursday, April 14, FEARnet will present the world premiere of Still Screaming: The Ultimate Scary Movie Retrospective , a feature-length documentary on the “Scream” trilogy that marks the writing and directing debut of ShockTillYouDrop.com managing editor Ryan Turek. The film was produced by Anthony Masi.

A year in the making, “Still Screaming” is the definitive documentary on the making of the iconic “Scream” movies. Dive into the fascinating success story… Continue reading Scream Franchise Documentary Still Screaming Premiering April 14

The 10th annual Tribeca film festival will open with the world premiere of the Elton John documentary The Union. Directed by Cameron Crowe, the… Continue reading Elton John documentary to open Tribeca film festival