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Fallen Rock Star: NH Old Man Memorial Partly Done

Eight years after tumbling from his mountain perch, a grand plan to build a legacy to New Hampshire’s iconic Old Man of the Mountain is taking … Continue reading Fallen Rock Star: NH Old Man Memorial Partly Done

Doug Savant was surprised when we shared with him the fact that readers overwhelmingly sided with Tom in last week’s recap of Desperate Housewives. “Get that information to our writers,” he exclaimed. Not surprisingly, Savant’s loyalty is in line with the majority. “This is a character who loves his wife,” Savant says. “He adores her  ‘Desperate Housewives’ actor Doug Savant on Lynette and Tom: ‘He’s done jumping’

Crystal Clear Picture:

Don Draper might make it to the 1970s after all. After a protracted standoff, AMC, Lionsgate and Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner have reached an agreement for seasons five and six of the Emmy-winning drama. Weiner, who will return as showrunner, has also signed a new long-term deal with Lionsgate. As a result of the negotiations, however,  ‘Mad Men’ done deal! Drama’s renewed with Matthew Weiner on board

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