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Image Credit: Eric Gay/AP

Wendy Davis, a Democrat in the Texas state Senate, attempted to block a vote on SB 5 — a strict anti-abortion bill — with a 13-hour filibuster on the Senate floor.

According to the Associated Press, initially Republican lawmakers declared the bill passed, but later admitted that they did not get it signed in time.

Deadline reports that no network… Continue reading Wendy Davis’ filibuster in Texas senate draws celebrity support, criticism of networks

An anti-gay group is calling for a boycott of Ryan Murphy’s upcoming NBC comedy The New Normal.

One Million Moms, an ultra-conservative organization that previously criticized JC Penney for featuring a same-sex couple in a catalog, is now coming after the Glee co-creator’s new show. Murphy’s New Normal is about a gay male couple having their first child via a surrogate.

The group complained in a posting on its Web… Continue reading Ryan Murphy’s new NBC sitcom draws anti-gay protest

News Briefs: NBC Is No Ass, Draws Fear Factor Line at Donkey Semen


… NBC’s Fear Factor is known for pushing the limits of tastefulness, and it’s latest stunt tastes like salty grains. The reality competition, in which contestants participate in scary stunts and gross-out tests of stamina, was scheduled to air an episode tonight in which contestants were shown drinking freshly squeezed donkey semen. Word of the stunt hit the web last week, followed by the sound of dry… Continue reading News Briefs: NBC Is No Ass, Draws Fear Factor Line at Donkey Semen


… Just one day into the real fall season and we already have MONSTER numbers to report: 28.7 million people tuned in to see Two and a Half Men return sans Charlie Sheen. Yes, 28.7 million. And 31 million at its peak! That means a 10.7 rating (11.4 at its peak). Somewhere, CBS executives are cackling maniacally. Two and a Half Men crushed its nearest competitor… Continue reading News Briefs: Ashton's Two and a Half Men Debut Draws 28 Million Viewers

Mark Wahlberg is piling on the projects like there’s no tomorrow. In addition to the just-completed ‘Contraband’ and in-production films ‘Ted,’ ‘Good Time Gang’ and ‘Broken City,’ his name has been attached to ‘The Brazilian Job,’ ‘Sharkey’s machine,’ ‘Five Brothers,’ ‘Cocaine Cowboys’ and the ‘Entourage’ movie, and now comes word via Deadline that he’s in negotiations to star in ‘2 Guns’ for Universal Pictures.

The film is… Continue reading Mark Walhlberg Draws '2 Guns'