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SHANGHAI (Reuters) – A love for singing and a lust for stardom pushed 20-year-old Qian Yue to take a break from her university studies to learn music full time at the Lee Wei Song School of Music in S Continue reading Chinese music talent school fuels superstar dreams

Despite making her impressive acting debut in the short film ‘Away We Stay’, Helena Christensen says she still dreams of becoming an archaeologist. “I still haven”t given up on my dream of being an archaeologist,” the Telegraph quoted her as saying at the premiere of the short film ‘Away We Stay’. “I still see myself […] Continue reading Helena Christensen still ‘dreams of becoming an archaeologist’

Everyone and their grandmother has had at least one of these weird dreams: Falling Dreams, Public Nudity Dreams, Test Anxiety Dreams, Flying Dreams, Sex Dreams… The question is why do we have such common yet bizarre dreams? Read the full story here: 10 Common and Weird Dreams People Have Continue reading 10 Weird Dreams People Have

Singer Marilyn Manson’s ‘Sweet Dreams’ has come out tops in a Halloween related online poll, with Billboard naming it the Scariest Music Video ever made. Manson, 41, who appeared in the 1999 promo for his cover of the Eurythmics’ Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This), was found to be really spooky by editors of Billboard.com. […] Continue reading Marilyn Manson’s ‘Sweet Dreams’ named Scariest Music Video

Lady Gaga has revealed that late painter Andy Warhol apparently speaks to her every night in dreams. She believes the US pop artist – who famously painted Marilyn Monroe images and Campbell”s soup cans – is sending her messages from beyond the grave. “She is convinced he is controlling her from beyond the grave, guiding […] Continue reading Late painter Andy Warhol speaks to Lady Gaga in her dreams