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Drew Barrymore’s representative has denied reports claiming that the actress is dating TV boss after breaking up from boyfriend Justin Long. Rumour mills started running that the ‘Charlie”s Angels’ star, 35, is dating TV executive Cort Cass, after the couple was spotted together a few times. “Drew and Cort have been out six times or […] Continue reading Drew Barrymore denies dating TV boss

Actress Drew Barrymore has admitted that she’s learning boxing these days. “I went to a boxing class because I needed the exercise but I’m not athletic but uncoordinated and lame,” the Daily Express quoted her as saying. The Charlie’s Angels action star, 35, also said that she’s having fun learning this new skill. “However I […] Continue reading Drew Barrymore learning boxing

LiLo will no longer remain silent as she slowly becomes the newest unofficial butt of Joan Rivers’ jokes.Lohan lashed out at Rivers on Twitter Tuesday after the comedienne gained headlines for making jokes about her jail sentence last weekend. After Lindsay was ordered to spend three months in jail during an ill-fated probation hearing last […] Continue reading Lindsay Lohan Slams Joan Rivers, Michael Lohan, & Dr. Drew

Star Drew Barrymore has admitted that she is happy being single. The ’50 First Dates’ actress, who recently split from on-off boyfriend actor Justin long, also revealed that, she is no longer in a rush for the altar. “If you’re 35 and single and it’s a choice, fine,” the Daily Express quoted her as telling […] Continue reading Drew Barrymore says she’s happily single

Call it an Attack of Conscience: Dr. Drew Pinsky wants to make amends with celebrity trainwreck Lindsay Lohan. Unfortunately for the good doctor, Linds isn’t really in a forgiving sort of mood.The Life Size actress arrived at Sunday’s MTV Movie Awards wearing a pantsuit that concealed her court-ordered SCRAM ankle bracelet, which monitors alcohol intake, […] Continue reading Dr. Drew Wants To Bury The Hatchet With Lindsay Lohan