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George Clooney Gravity What Movie at the Toronto Film Festival Are You Most Dying to See?

With a film festival as significant as Toronto, every movie lover should be paying attention to what’s playing there and what’s being received well. From the outside looking in, that means there are a few ways of answering today’s discussion question through September 15th.

As we’re still in the first couple days of the event, we can really only answer in response to the high-profile titles premiering… Continue reading What Movie at the Toronto Film Festival Are You Most Dying to See?

The Dowager has some strong words for Mary in this new trailer for season four of Downton Abbey. There are also lots of tears (why so sad, Mr. Bates?) and plenty of smiles, too (looks like Tom Branson’s mood is picking up).

Here’s the latest sneak peek for the new season, which is set to return on PBS Jan. 5.

Helen Mirren continues to prove how royally awesome she is.

Last week, the “Red 2″ actress granted a terminally ill boy’s wish of meeting Queen Elizabeth — well, sort of.

Ten-year-old Oliver Burton, who has Down’s syndrome, was first diagnosed with leukemia in 2006 at just three years old. After a short remission, his cancer returned in 2010, and last Christmas was diagnosed with terminal spine and bone marrow cancer. Topping the… Continue reading Helen Mirren Grants Dying Child's Wish, Has Tea With Him as Queen Elizabeth

Emily Maynard dying split ABC Miserable Emily Maynard Said She Was Dying In Relationship With Jef Holm


By radio detection and ranging Staff

Publicly, Emily Maynard’s saying the decision to split with fiance Jef Holm was “difficult and heartbreaking,” but insiders claim The Bachelorette beauty couldn’t wait to break it off with the man she gave her final rose to.

“Emily just decided she’d had enough,” a source told US Weekly magazine, while another said the North Carolina… Continue reading 'Miserable' Emily Maynard Said She Was 'Dying' In Relationship With Jef Holm

michael jackson thi1D653E1 Michael Jackson Showed Signs Of Paranoia And Anxiety In Weeks Before Dying Says This Is It Director Kenny Ortega


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Michael Jackson was drinking heavily, was showing signs of paranoia, anxiety and obsessive-behavior, and insisted on being called ‘Mikey’ in the weeks leading up to his death, a blockbuster report in The Los Angeles Times has revealed.

The details of those final weeks are coming to light thanks to a lawsuit filed by AEG, the company… Continue reading Michael Jackson Showed 'Signs Of Paranoia And Anxiety' In Weeks Before Dying Says 'This Is It' Director Kenny Ortega