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It’s Friday, which means it’s time to let our hair down at Movies.com headquarters and break out all the weird, freaky stuff we’ve been hiding from our parents so they don’t think we’ve gone completely mad. Just don’t tell anyone you got this from us …

— We begin with this awesome image of a volcano erupting in Chile. Either that or Thor and Loki just returned to earth… Continue reading Freaky Friday Finds: Whale Almost Eats Surfer, Girl with Machine Gun Leg, Brett Ratner's Machine-Gun Mouth and More

Impatience is not a virtue, but it runs rampant on the Upper East Side. I understand this. Thus, enjoy this clip from tonight’s new episode. In it, Blair’s fawning over Prince Louis, Serena’s showing personal growth by acting mature (you’re not fooling anyone, S!), and Blair’s eating a tart (the dessert, not Dan Humphrey). But

Crystal Clear Picture:

Brain Bleach Alert! Booger-eating isn’t just all the rage with The Sandbox Set anymore. A new viral video is sweeping the web, and it isn’t safe for work, life, or while eating. On second thought, if you’re able to sit through 60 minutes of Jersey Shore and still keep your dinner down, watching a grown […] Continue reading Woman Digs In Nose & Eats Findings Live On TV

Mexican beauty Salma Hayek has confessed that she eats bugs. The star made an appearance at the David Letterman”s chat show where she stunned the TV host with stories of how bugs were considered a delicacy back home. “We eat bugs – and we have many recipes for some of them,” The Sun quoted Hayek […] Continue reading Salma Hayek admits she eats bugs!