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Man of Tai Chi is like if Nicolas Winding Refn time traveled 30 years into the past and made a Jean-Claude Van Damme fight movie. But it wasn’t made by Refn, there’s no time machine, and the star is even better than JCVD in his glory days. It’s the directorial debut of Keanu Reeves, and it’s a bold, stylish, manly movie about a good guy who… Continue reading Keanu Reeves on How His Real Experience with an Eccentric Billionaire Shaped the Villain in 'Man of Tai Chi'


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Why so blue Duchess?

The Duchess of Alba showed off her eccentric style and her dashing younger husband, Alfonso Diez during a lunch date in Paris and radio detection and rangingOnline.com has the fun photos.PHOTOS: Duchess Of Alba Dines With Husband In Paris

The quirky 86-year-old went for a bold blue head to toe look including a blue hairpiece, blue eyeliner and blue pantyhose as… Continue reading Eccentric Duchess Of Alba's Parisian Lunch Date

John Fairfax Or ‘The Royal Tenenbaums': Comparing Adventurer’s Obituary With Wes Anderson’s Eccentric Family

On Feb. 8, longtime adventurer John Fairfax passed away at age 74 and his New York Times obituary has bested even the most ambitious bucket lists. Filled with amazing character details — traversing oceans via rowboats, jaguar-as-hemlock suicide attempts — the obit compares him to the heroes of Graham Greene, Hemingway and Ian Fleming. But, for the movie-literate, one might imagine being told these tales in the velvety narration of… Continue reading John Fairfax Or 'The Royal Tenenbaums': Comparing Adventurer's Obituary With Wes Anderson's Eccentric Family

A risk-taking road movie starring Sean Penn as an ageing 1980s pop star in search of his father’s Nazi tormentor emerged as a front-runner Friday as the Cannes competition wound down.”This Must Be The Continue reading Eccentric road movie with Penn wows at Cannes

Lady Gaga has revealed the reason behind her eccentric taste in clothes. The 24-year-old said that her madcap dress sense is inspired by a drop of whisky. “We have a cigarette and whisky and look through racks of clothing,” the daily star quoted the 24-year-old singer as saying. She added: “It’s organic, there’s no pretence […] Continue reading Lady Gaga puts her eccentric taste in clothes down to a drop of whisky