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Is the sun setting on Ed Westwick’s days on Manhattan’s Upper East Side? He’s best known for playing the suave Chuck Bass on the hit show Gossip Girl, but the British actor has hinted that he’s ready to leave the bad-boy millionaire behind. “It’s all about the work, you know; the feeling you get when […] Continue reading Ed Westwick Leaving “Gossip Girl?”

For the record, actor Ed O’Neil never made any disparaging remarks about fellow TV star Jane Lynch; but after being misquoted by TV Guide’s Canadian edition, the small screen’s favorite disgruntled shoe salesman’s got plenty of reasons to be peeved with the publication. After initially reporting that the Modern Family star said Jane did not […] Continue reading Ed O’Neil Jane Lynch Diss TV Guide Misquote

Involving quote was made greatest generations ago. It served well to create people understand the importance of imagination and innovation. It served well for making people realize the significance of Continue reading Various Styles You Need to Dismiss Besides Ed Hardy

Of course, his close association with the entertainment community really opened the doors to the many labels he has designed for. There is no doubt that Ed Hardy clothing have become the hottest cloth Continue reading 2009 Clothing Market- Ed Hardy

With blending Japanese tattoo artistic and approaching into his American mode masterpiece, Don Ed Hardy was renowned.This is the fashion line that you may well see from various Hollywood stars like Ma Continue reading The Fashion Stytle Of ED HARDY