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StarWars%20(1) What Elements from the Original Star Wars Trilogy Need to Be in Episode VII?

Earlier this week, a photo of the Millenium Falcon being built for Star Wars: Episode VII was leaked onto the Web. This morning, J.J. Abrams sent out his own shot from the set, which cheekily confirmed that Han Solo’s ship would be making an appearance. The director won with the true geeks, of course, because his photo involved a more obscure element from the… Continue reading What Elements from the Original 'Star Wars' Trilogy Need to Be in 'Episode VII'?

K31828 260x195 Who Knew that Elements were so Personable? Chemical Party [video]

Directed by Roderick Fenske, Marie Curie is proud to present: "Chemicals having a party," featuring sexy carbons, bored noble gases, and explosive reactions. This is a hilarious and educational video about chemistry!