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Dean McDermott is so disgusted by his actions of infidelity against wife Tori Spelling that it’s physically causing him pain.

While trying to talk through the incident with a therapist on the six-episode series documenting the couple’s struggle to work through their crumbling marriage, Spelling recalls the day McDermott cheated on her — and it’s too much for the philandering father of four to take.

“There was nothing that… Continue reading Tori Spelling Emotionally Recalls The Day Dean McDermott Cheated On Her: ‘I Feel Shame Like I Have Never Felt Shame Before,’ He Says

Nicole KidmanActress Nicole Kidman, who has two adopted children with ex-husband Tom Cruise, says her split from him in 2001 had left her emotionally damaged. Kidman separated from the Hollywood star after 10 years of marriage. “We were very, very tight and that’s why we lasted 10 years which is a good amount of time, particularly […] Continue reading Kidman emotionally damaged after split from Cruise