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After a 10 day break in her death penalty trial, the defense team for Jodi Arias began presenting their case Tuesday, and appeared to be hell-bent on painting their client as a loving, quiet, passive person incapable of committing brutal murder  by stabbing, shooting and slitting her on-off boyfriend’s throat.

The portrayal of a sweet and innocent Arias was soon shattered however, after Darryl Brewer, an ex-boyfriend of the the pretty… Continue reading Jodi Arias’ Ex Testifies To Naked Photo Sessions, Just Like The Accused Murder & Alleged Victim Enjoyed!

Hollywood beauty Angelina Jolie has revealed that she enjoyed her role in action film ”Salt” because it toughened her up. The actress, who plays a CIA agent trying to prove she is not a Russian spy in the film, said that she was thrilled to get the chance to do her own stunts in the […] Continue reading Here’s why Jolie enjoyed ‘Salt’ action

Angelina Jolie has said that she enjoyed doing the fight scenes in her new thriller ‘Salt’. The actress has said that she was in her element filming the stunts for the spy film. “I”d done a lot of action movies but they were all based in fantasy in some way. This was the first time […] Continue reading Angelina Jolie enjoyed filming ‘Salt’ fight scenes