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StarTrek1229821 Star Trek Into Darkness Is Fun, Exciting and Everything Youd Want from a Summer Blockbuster

When J.J. Abrams relaunched the Star Trek franchise on the big screen back in 2009, he needed to broaden the appeal of the franchise to entice a younger audience who didn’t grow up obsessing over years of preexisting materials. At the same time he wanted to give those loyal fans something they could be excited about too, and the result was popular and successful enough to warrant… Continue reading 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Is Fun, Exciting and Everything You'd Want from a Summer Blockbuster

last man standing season 2 finale jonathan taylor thomas tim allen abc Last Man Standing Season 2 finale: Was the return of Jonathan Taylor Thomas everything you wanted?

“Last Man Standing” has come to the end of Season 2, and there were hints of changes in the air — daughters moving out, college plans, new jobs… But all of that paled in comparison to the big draw of the season finale: the return of Jonathan Taylor Thomas to television.

In all honesty, getting JTT was a big win for “Last Man Standing.”

Did you think that the arrival of Emily Thorne to the Hamptons started all the madness of

Nope. As the events of “Legacies” made very clear, things were pretty messed-up already back in 2006.

Emily meets Aiden (and Ashley)

As it turns out, Emily (Emily VanCamp) might have been able to take down the Graysons years ago. It was Takeda slowed her down. Instead of using Conrad’s infidelity to

rihanna hawaii fb post2 Rihannas A Hawaii 1 0! Sexy Singer Shows Off Everything In New Photos


By radio detection and ranging Staff

Rihanna was named the Sexist Woman Alive in 2011, and by the looks of the pictures she posted Monday on her Facebook page, she’s the front-runner for Esquire Magazine’s award once again in 2012.

The Caribbean queen uploaded more than 100 photos of her beautiful bikini body taken during her Hawaii vacation earlier this year, and we’ve got… Continue reading Rihanna's A Hawaii 1-0! Sexy Singer Shows Off Everything In New Photos

twd s2 finale group The Walking Dead Season 2 finale: Beside the Dying Fire everything changes***It should go without saying, but if you haven’t yet watched Sunday’s (March 18) season finale, then you risk having it utterly spoiled by reading past this point.***

It turns out that “Beside the Dying Fire” is where everything changed — at least for Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln). The character at the center of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” emerged from the Season 2 finale a changed… Continue reading 'The Walking Dead' Season 2 finale: 'Beside the Dying Fire' everything changes