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The popularity of superhero cinema today is extremely massive, and in the most high-profile cases has become a billion-dollar business at the box office. While the genre has certainly not always done that level of immense business over the course of its life, it’s hard to deny that it has certainly always been popular. The beginning of the modern superhero film was 1978’s Superman: The Movie directed by Richard Donner… Continue reading Comics on Film: The Evolution of the Superhero Movie

Hatventures – Trials Evolution #10 – Sonic! Hat Films Track!

More tricksy maps, this time we enter the Green Hill Zone, mash our way through another Extreme track, and we also get to play an awesome custom made Hat Films track! Don’t forget to Like and Favourite if you enjoyed it, and for all your Hat Films updates be sure to subscribe. ♪ Listen to… Continue reading Hatventures - Trials Evolution #10 - Sonic! Hat Films Track!

  • ‘Thelma & Louise’ (1991)

    Clad in an-all denim ensemble, Brad Pitt made his first appearance as a leading man in 1991’s “Themla & Louise.” Here, he played J.D., a small town crook in Ridley Scott’s road trip thriller. The film went on to achieve commercial and critical success, winning Best Original Screenplay. As for Pitt, his love scene with heroine Geena Davis put him on the express track to the

  • GoF header, NOES still

    Girls on Film is a weekly column that tackles anything and everything pertaining to women and cinema. It can be found here every Thursday night, and be sure to follow the Girls on Film Twitter Feed for additional femme-con.

    Janet Leigh, PsychoWhen Marion Crane’s blood swirled down the drain in 1960’s Psycho, it did a lot more than invigorate… Continue reading From Screams to Strength, the Evolution of the Final Girl

    Some say dance movies are silly and formulaic, filled with generic dialogue and unimaginative plot lines. Well, so what? Even fans of the genre will admit dance flicks can be cheesy, but that doesn’t mean they lack the emotion, heart and moves that keep audiences coming back for more.

    This Friday, “Step Up: Revolution,” the fourth film in the “Step Up” series, continues that trend, with a movie that — like… Continue reading Best Dance Movies: The Evolution Of The Genre, From 'Dirty Dancing' To 'Step Up'