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Casey Anthony Caylee Anthony medical examiner homicide Caylee Anthonys Medical Examiner Says: It Was Homicide Without A Doubt

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By Debbie Emery – Radar Reporter

While Casey Anthony flaunts her new life, love and even a puppy, the chief medical staffer who examined the body of her two-year-old daughter Caylee says that she is positive that the toddler was murdered.

“It was a homicide. Without a doubt,” Dr. Jan Garavaglia tells Anderson Cooper on Tuesday’s upcoming episode of Anderson when asked what… Continue reading Caylee Anthony's Medical Examiner Says: 'It Was Homicide Without A Doubt'

Jonah Shacknai and Rebecca Zaha

Courtesy Shacknai Family

While San Diego police said on Friday that the two deaths tied to a millionaire’s mansion were determined to be a suicide and an accident, what was only referenced and not fully revealed was a

Q24022 260x195 Review: Super 8 falls far short of being super   Orlando Movie Examiner

"While writer-director J.J. Abrams got all caught up in being nostalgic for the Amblin Entertainment movies of the early 80’s (think E.T. and The Goonies) and worked so hard in recreating a lot of that early-Spielberg naturalistic style, he neglected to make sure that the screenplay was as solid as it could have been. There’s a way to tell a story in which every scene builds… Continue reading Review: 'Super 8' falls far short of being super - Orlando Movie Examiner

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At last. The road to Oscar has finally brought the spotlight to Hollywood and Highland's Kodak Theatre. With 'The Hurt Locker' and 'Avatar' set to write this climactic chapter in their respective histories, keep a live tab on how the most contentious campaigns in recent years shakes down on the Examiner Personalities page. Now, the envelope, please.