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Image Credit: Keith Barraclough

The Super Bowl isn’t the only big game on Sunday. Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl IX premieres at 3 p.m. ET, and the hedgehog cheerleaders and aren’t the only new additions. There’s more cameras than ever before — in the puppy hot tub and embedded in the chew toys. For the second year, actor and voice-over artist Dan Schachner (who… Continue reading Puppy Bowl referee Dan Schachner talks flags, cleanups, and excessive cuteness

Excessive teeth whitening could soon spell dental disaster for The Hills’ Audrina Patridge. We hear the reality hottie has been warned that she could lose her choppers if she doesn’t lighten up on her daily regime of do-it-yourself teeth bleaching. A tattle blabs in the June 7 edition of Star Magazine: ” Audrina is obsessed with home […] Continue reading Excessive Teeth Whitening Spells Dental Disaster For Audrina Patridge

Amanda Seyfried is quickly climbing the Hollywood ladders and her career growth is quiet amazing. Within a short span of time the actress has been able to catch the attention of the audiences.
Even though she is fast becoming one of the leading actresses in the industry, one thing makes her different from other fellow actors.
She […] Continue reading Amanda Seyfried: No Excessive Workouts