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Experts are assuming that Lindsay Lohan, who has been sentenced to 90 days in jail, may only serve about a week or less in jail for probation violation. Based on the past records of Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton, experts have made this claim. In December 2006, Richie, who was sentenced to 4 days in [...] Continue reading LiLo could end up serving less than a week in prison, says expert

Pamela Anderson has declared the Gulf of Mexico oil spill as the ‘end of the world’.
“It’s terrible, it’s awful. It feels like it is the end of the world to me,” Fox News quoted the actress/animal rights activist as telling Pop Tarts at last week’s Big Bluff Online Trivia Game launch.
“I’m working with international bird [...] Continue reading Pammie calls Gulf of Mexico oil spill ”end of the world”

Jordan likened to ‘plastic Barbie’

Diana Moran, the ‘Green Goddess’, has likened Katie Price a.k.a Jordan to a ‘Plastic Barbie’.
Moran claims that women suffering from inferiority complex are going for plastic surgeries so that they could like the glamour model, reports the Telegraph.
The fitness expert became known as the “Green Goddess” because of her garish leotards.
Still fit at 70, Moran [...] Continue reading Jordan likened to ‘plastic Barbie’

The champion of Indian cricket team, the role model of million of people around the world has now got a fame to be known to share his name with a mango breed. The rarest mango breed has been named after the rarest cricketers of all.
Mango expert, Kalimullah Khan said, “There is no player like Sachin [...] Continue reading A new Mango Breed named after Master Blaster Sachin

It has been a year that Sri Lanka started its ending offensive in opposition of Tamil Tiger rebels but still an international tribunal is continued to alleged war crimes.
UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon has planned to build a panel of experts who could look efficiently into a tribunal that is referred by the Sri [...] Continue reading Ban Ki-Moon appoints expert panel to find evidence on tribunal war crimes in Sri Lanka, Australian lawyers join hands