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Whitney Houston Brandy Interview Clive Davis Whitney Houston Didnt Crash Brandy Interview; Disheveled Appearance Explained

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By Jen Heger – Radar Legal Editor

Some of the last known video footage of Whitney Houston was taken last Thursday, when it was alleged that the “disheveled” late pop singer “crashed” an interview that Clive Davis was doing with Brandy and Monica, but radio detection and rangingOnline.com has exclusively learned the true facts of what happened, along with details… Continue reading Whitney Houston Didn't Crash Brandy Interview; Disheveled Appearance Explained

Whether is a red mask made of lace or heeless platforms, Lady Gaga is never too afraid to express herself via fashion — but the so-called “Meat Dress” the pop hitmaker wore onstage at this weekend’s 27th MTV VMAs is stirring controversy for the singer amongst animal lovers. Gaga explained her decision to wear the [...] Continue reading Lady Gaga Meat Dress Explained; PETA Issues Statement

Inception Ending Explained

Chris Nolan’s new movie Inception was said by some media to be too cerebral for general audiences. While I think that doesn’t give movie audiences enough credit an interesting point in the debate has been Google Trends this weekend revealing tons of Inception movie goers immediately going home and searching for an explanation for Inception’s [...] Continue reading Inception Ending Explained