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In May, Canadian director Atom Egoyan’s latest film “The Captive” bowed as part of the prestigious Official Selection at the Cannes Film Festival. Charitably it can be said reception of the film was mixed, with some stinging vitriol levelled at Egoyan.

“The Captive” is a challenging, dark film that echoes many themes prominent in Egoyan’s other works. The loss of a… Continue reading Atom Egoyan on 'The Captive,' Boos at Cannes, and Exploitation

If there’s one ’80s teen movie character I wouldn’t expect to ever see as an ad spokesperson, it’s Say Anything‘s Lloyd Dobler. But a close second is Ferris Bueller. Unfortunately, a teaser video of Matthew Broderick seemingly reprising the role, which surfaced online yesterday to much excitement and curiosity, is indeed a promo for a Super Bowl ad, allegedly for Honda (the company hasn’t confirmed this). And… Continue reading The Conversation: What's the Worst Commercial Exploitation of a Beloved Movie or Character?