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Whether you think of Warner Bros. as the studio that gave you talking pictures, Bugs Bunny, Bogart, or Batman, you have to acknowledge the studio’s place at the forefront of Hollywood history. Indeed, it’ll be hard to avoid acknowledging it this year, as the studio will be spending 2013 celebrating its 90th birthday.

The celebration kicks off with the release of two massive boxed sets of 50-plus discs each, both entitled… Continue reading Warner Bros.' 90th Anniversary: 25 Things You Didn't Know About the Fabled Hollywood Studio

At last, one of How I Met Your Mother‘s great mysteries—the identity of the fabled “Slutty Pumpkin”—will reveal itself to patient fans. Mrs. Kate Holmes-Cruise plays the character, who left Ted hanging (literally, considering he was dressed as a “hanging chad”) way back in the show’s first season. Ted first met the mystery squash in 2001, the story goes, back when hanging chads were still a thing—but Ted lost her… Continue reading How I Met Your Mother: Here's Your First Look at Katie Holmes as the Fabled Slutty Pumpkin (PHOTOS)

Lawyers for fabled music producer Phil Spector have demanded an appeals court to discard his second-degree murder sentence on grounds of judicial mistake and prosecutorial misbehave.
In a highly elaborated 148-page brief registered Wednesday, the attorneys cited multiple causes they think Spector was refused his right to a just trial run. They enquired the California Second […] Continue reading Fabled Music Producer Phil Spector Announced Judicial Mistakes