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Yikes! Talk about close encounters of the awkward kind. A clumsy news reporter was left shamefaced at the Orange County Fair in California this week after he clumsily destroyed an artist’s ice sculpture live on air — but some are speculating that the apparent accident set-up.Sculptor Roland Hernandez was proudly showing off an intricately carved [...] Continue reading Clumsy Reporter Destroys Ice Sculpture (Fact Or Fiction?)

Govinda was present at the IIFA functions in Colombo despite the fact that there was a protest from the southern film counterparts. Now, the star’s presence in the festival has landed Mani Ratnam’s film Raavan in sort of trouble ahead of its release on Friday.
As a protest of Govinda taking part in the IIFA, [...] Continue reading Raavan’s special screening cancelled due to Govinda

Miley Cyrus Photo Scandal

Miley Cyrus is also very disappointed in the fact that not only did Perez Hilton post degrading photos of her, but also the timing of the photo is right when Miley Cyrus’ new album Can’t Be Tamed is about to hit the market.
Miley Cyrus just wishes that the world could focus on the positive once [...] Continue reading Miley Cyrus Photo Scandal

Lindsay Lohan to Move to Another City?

When she attended MuscleMilk Light fitness retreat with her sister Ali, Lindsay Lohan said that she is going to move from Loss Angeles. It turned out that the actress hated being there. She prefers to live in London or NY, so probably she will move to one of these cities. 
Although she was trying to [...] Continue reading Lindsay Lohan to Move to Another City?

Joe Jackson: Katherine Should Help Michael

Despite the fact that the first anniversary of the death of Michael Jackson is due to June 15, still the family of the singer is at enmity.
It turned out that Joe Jackson blames his wife for being inaction due to which their son died.
According to Joe Jackson he was trying to convince his wife to [...] Continue reading Joe Jackson: Katherine Should Help Michael