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As beloved and iconic as it is, let’s face the facts: the original film of Annie is looking a little crusty these days. Sure, it has its charms and it’s going to exist as long as someone pays to keep it in print, but it feels more like a curiosity. It’s no longer vital. So it’s easy to understand why the new version… Continue reading Movie Musicals That Deserve a Fancy New Reboot Like 'Annie'

Grae Drake and Dave White are a two-person voting block and their judgments are final. So there.

Grae: It’s that certain time of year, Dave White.

Dave: The time of year when I realize that, in the world of movie criticizing, I am the janitor.

Grae: Oh come on, you’re at least Good Will Hunting.

Dave: Nice of you to say, but the fact remains I do not belong to… Continue reading Critic’s Corner: It’s Fancy Awards Season Time and We’ve Got Fancy Awards to Give Out

Madonna is planning to celebrate her birthday with son Rocco and his pre-pubescent mates and that too with a king and queen theme and gluten-free jelly. According to a source, as the Material Girl and her 9-year-old son have their birthdays just days apart, she decided to throw a combined wicked party. “Rocco and Madonna […] Continue reading Madge to celebrate b’day with King-Queen themed fancy dress bash