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In a clip that sure to go viral — for all the wrong reasons — a male New York Jets fan punched a female New England Patriots fan in the face after Sunday’s game at New Jersey’s Met Life Stadium, radio detection and rangingOnline.com has learned.

Police said late Sunday they said they are investigating the incident, though no one has been taken into custody… Continue reading The Worst Side Of Sports Fandom Emerges, As Male Jets Fan Punches Female Pats Fan In The Face

Most movie junket interviews do not have hordes of paparazzi and two burly security guards standing outside them. Then again, most junket interviews do not feature a subject who is currently in the midst of a tabloid scandal. Unfortunately, this is where Robert Pattinson finds himself right now, as he attempts to promote his new movie, “Cosmopolis.”

Thankfully, if anyone can handle the pressure, Pattinson can. Case in point: when I… Continue reading Robert Pattinson, David Cronenberg Talk 'Cosmopolis,' Fandom And 'Videodrome'

When you’re an actor starring in a TV adaptation of a geek obsession like Game of Thrones, it’s usually best to stay off the web. Or at least claim to: “I don’t have an email,” says Jason Momoa, who plays warlord Khal Drogo in HBO’s upcoming epic series. “I’m very barbarian. I have a flip-phone.”

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