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Jackson fans to spend night among his possessions

TOKYO (Reuters Life!) – Want to spend a night with Michael Jackson’s possessions? The Japanese promoter of a collection of his belongings on display in Tokyo can make that dream come true on the first anniversary of the pop icon’s death. Starting Sunday, fans in Japan are expected to line up for the chance to spend one night inside … Continue reading Jackson fans to spend night among his possessions

Sarah Jessica Parker is not sure about audiences reaction to the upcoming ‘Sex And The City’ movie sequel.
The actress is worried that fans wont like the film much.
She plays writer Carrie Bradshaw in the series and also acts as executive producer on the film, which is set to hit cinemas around the world later this [...] Continue reading Sarah Jessica Parker worried fans won”t like upcoming SATC movie

OMG — some sports fans seriously need to find a new hobby! Clevelanders have come together to pay musical tribute to Ohio native son LeBron James in the “We Are The World-” inspired viral vid, “We Are LeBron.” Oh brother…. The Cavaliers star is expected to depart the team in the coming weeks — becoming the [...] Continue reading “We Are LeBron” VIDEO — Cavs Fans Come Together To Keep LeBron James In Cleveland

What could be better than hip-hop heavyweight Jay-Z hitting the stage in his first concert at the new Yankees Stadium? How about being joined by equally-impressive lyricist Eminem?The hip-hop titans will play the first concert at the new Yankee Stadium, in Jay’s native New York, on Sept. 13. The stars also revealed that 11 days [...] Continue reading Jay-Z Eminem Treat Hip-Hop Fans To Joint Concerts

The conspiracy theories surrounding the death of pop great are reaching Elvis proportions — a fansite that claims the King of Pop is posing as a burns victim is receiving more than a million hits a day. According to MichaelJacksonHoax.com, the “Dirty Diana” star is masquerading as Dave Dave, a 33-year-old burn victim he befriended [...] Continue reading Michael Jackson Alive & Posing As Burn Victim Dave Dave, Fans Say