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When Aleeshya Broome with the purpose to see Taylor Swift attended a fan party with an autograph session, which lasted for 15 hours, she started to cry at once as she felt so overwhelming.
Broome happened to be one of those lucky thousands of fans who got access to greatest stars of country music which is […] Continue reading CMA Music Festival – Real Fans’ Dream

Fans of the recently cancelled ABC series FlashForward staged a mass global protest against the show’s demise on Thursday – – creating mock blackouts in several major cities including New York, London, and Los Angeles to convince network bosses to revive the drama.The program — which starred Joseph Fiennes, Courtney Vance, and Gabrielle Union — […] Continue reading FlashForward Fans Stage Protests Blackouts

Access granted: Taylor Swift, Brad Paisley and other country stars give fans what they want Fifteen-year-old Aleeshya Broome immediately started crying when she scored the wristband she needed to meet Taylor Swift during the singer’s 13-hour fan party and autograph session When it came time to meet her idol, it started all over again. She says she found the … Continue reading Swift, other stars give the fans what they want

Fans of Michael Jackson, on his first death anniversary, will have limited access to his cemetery, US authorities said.
The King of Pop’s followers will be able to pay homage in the grounds of California’’s Forest Lawn cemetery, but not at the mausoleum where Jackson was laid to rest, reports the BBC.
“They will be viewing […] Continue reading Fans to have access to MJ’s cemetery

Sports fans really know how to hit a guy where it hurts. When Jessica Simpson was accused of ruining Tony Romo’s winning record, Dallas Cowboys haters nationwide began using pictures of the bombshell to further throw off Tony’s game. Baseball aficionados did the same thing when New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez was accused […] Continue reading Celtics Fans Taunt Lakers Star Lamar Odom With Khloe Kardashian Masks