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Comedies often get overlooked at the end of the year. The Oscars rarely recognize them. Critics go for more serious picks for their top 10s. But we all know that the movies that made us laugh in 2014 are among the most honorable. Especially in a year when we’ve had so many grave matters to be concerned with, from Ebola to ISIS to… Continue reading The Best of 2014: What's Your Favorite Comedy Movie?

Superhero movies continue to dominate the box office. This year’s two highest grossing titles in the U.S., for instance, are Guardians of the Galaxy and Captain America: The Winter Soldier. And these were both really good examples of their genre. That’s not surprising, because while superheroes have increased in quantity on the big screen, they’ve also increased in quality, for the most part. 

So, while… Continue reading The Best of 2014: What's Your Favorite Superhero Movie?

Though tooch toppled booch on America’s Next Top Model‘s 20th cycle—the first season when creator and host Tyra Banks invited guys into the competition—cycle 21 saw some serious contenders among the male models. In fact, only one beautiful lady stood before Banks as ANTM entered its two-episode finale.

Would a man finally be on top? (Spoiler warning: The following post contains details about ANTM‘s cycle 21 finale. Stop reading now… Continue reading ‘America’s Next Top Model': Cycle 21 winner dishes on favorite photos, toughest critique, and what it’s like to ‘be on top’

The Boxtrolls

Which trolls do you favor? The lovable type of trolls who are friendly to mankind, as in The Boxtrolls? Or the mean, evil trolls who want to kill us, as in Troll 2 (aka, the Best Worst Movie ever)? Why not “troll” through our list to pick your favorites?

The Boxtrolls

Welcome to the wonderful underground world of the… Continue reading Good Troll, Bad Troll: Which Movie Troll Is Your Favorite?

When we first met Action Movie Kid back in March, he was destroying toy stores with a lightsaber and firing grappling guns out of his living room. Of course he wasn’t actually doing these things — see, his dad, Daniel Hashimoto, is an animator and special effects wizard who’s managed to turn his son’s ordinary home movies into epic action scenes. If only all… Continue reading This Little Kid Is Your New Favorite Action Hero