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Wes Craven and Dimension Films are looking for a boost of energy from Young Hollywood as they prepare to begin production on the next installment of their money-making slasher franchise, Scream. Twilight actress Ashley Greene, former Heroes starlet Hayden Panettiere, Lake Bell, and Rory Culkin of Twelve fame have been offered starring roles as [...] Continue reading “Scream 4″ Cast May Feature Ashley Greene, Hayden Panettiere, Lake Bell, Rory Culkin

Gmail gets Drag and Drop feature to Attach Files

Last year Google added the multi-attachment feature to Gmail and now Google has recently added a latest feature to drag and drop the attachment file in Gmail. Right now this feature runs just in latest web browsers like Firefox 3.6 and Google Chrome.
it had been real messy to locate files in different folders to attach [...] Continue reading Gmail gets Drag and Drop feature to Attach Files

ZM7663 260x195 teen drama series “Skins” to get the feature treatment

In an interview with The Guardian, Jack Thorne, screenwriter of THE SCOUTING BOOK FOR BOYS, stated that he has been been hired to write a film version of the series which is currently in pre-production. The film will focus on the second generation of characters, but will feature appearances from the first and third too. Thorne is no stranger to the show having written five episodes. His work on THE SCOUTING BOOK FOR BOYS won him the Best British Newcomer award at the 2009 London Film Festival.


jcY324 260x195 Tim Burton Next 3D Animated Film? Da Da Da, Snap Snap, `The Addams Family

Alice in Wonderland director Tim Burton has found a new 3D project. He will direct a stop-motion animated film based on Charles Addams' original ghoulish cartoon drawings of The Addams Family. Illumination Entertainment, the Universal-based family film unit headed by Chris Meledandri, has acquired the underlying rights of the Addams drawings, once a staple of The New Yorker magazine.

Other than being inspired by the same source material, the animated feature is unrelated to previous incarnations of Addams’ work, the 60s TV series, the two `90s feature film comedies that Barry Sonnenfeld directed with Raul Julia and Anjelica Huston, or the Broadway musical opening this spring with Nathan Lane and Bebe Neuwirth in the starring roles.


Ur7792 260x195 Sopranos creator David Chase is back...with his first feature film (VIDEO)

Word is David Chase, the man behind the legendary 'Sopranos,' is preparing his feature film debut with a rock and roll drama set in the 1960s. (But what about that rumored return of Tony S. as a movie? Don't be so quick to fuggedaboudit!)