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June 6, 2012

It’s a busy day for The Amazing Spider-Man. This morning, a first clip featured the Lizard searching for Emma Stone’s Gwen Stacy. Then, a second followed Spidey through a police chase. Now, a third arrives via MetaCafe and has Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker telling Denis Leary’s Captain Stacy everything he knows about the city’s reptile problem. Check it out in the

Monday, February 27

Which Weinstein Co. Movie Will Win Next Year’s Best Picture Oscar? by Sean O’Connell

Giveaway: ‘Silent House’ NYC Premiere Tickets! by Movies.com

The Good, The Bad, and the Bogus: High School Party Movies by Perri Nemiroff

David’s Film School Diary: Here’s What Going to Film School is Really Like by David Ehrlich

The Conversation: Was There Anything Good About the 2012 Oscars? by Christopher Campbell

Tuesday, February 28

Monday, December 26th

Monday Morning Review: ‘The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo'; or, David Fincher’s ‘CLUE — The Movie!’ by James Rocchi

The Avengers Countdown: Does Joss Whedon Understand 3-D? by John Gholson

Tuesday, December 27th

The Year in Film: 2011’s Biggest Surprises by Brian Salisbury

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Monday, December 12

Monday Morning Review: ‘Young Adult’ Cuts Deep by Jenni Miller

The Many Faces of Sherlock Holmes by Brian Salisbury

‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ Countdown: Spider-Man Swings Through the 1970s by John Gholson

Win Sherlock Holmes Swag, Like a Hat, Umbrella, Scarf, Game, and More by Movies.com

BNAT Recap: Early Reactions to ‘Cabin in the Woods,’ ‘Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance,’ ‘The Grey’ and More by Peter Hall

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Monday, November 7th

Monday Morning Review: ‘Tower Heist’ Is Sloppy, Dumb — and, Yeah, Pretty Fun by Eric Snider

8 Great … Double Roles by Jeffrey M. Anderson

‘The Hobbit’ Countdown: Peter Jackson Presents His Very Own News Cycle on Facebook by Larry D. Curtis

Watch: A Never-Before-Seen Deleted Scene From David Lynch’s ‘Blue Velvet’ (Exclusive) by Peter Hall

The Awards Line: The Race for Best Actor by Erik Childress

Tuesday, November