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“Murder in the First” isn’t your typical detective or legal drama. Unlike police procedurals that tend to introduce a brand new case each week, TNT’s new series, from creators Steven Bochco and Eric Lodal, is using an entire season to follow two murders that seem to be linked.

The prime suspect in the investigation is Silicon Valley technology prodigy Erich Blunt, played… Continue reading 'Murder in the First's' Tom Felton: 'This is very different from anything I've done'

“Harry Potter” star Tom Felton is shedding his Hogwarts robes — and his British accent — for his next role, as an American Navy pilot in the upcoming World War II drama “Ghosts of the Pacific.”

The actor, who portrayed Slytherin student and Harry Potter nemesis Draco Malfoy in the series, will get to play a hero this time, in the role of real-life bombardier Tony Pastula. Pastula was stranded in… Continue reading Tom Felton in 'Ghosts of the Pacific': 'Harry Potter' Star Signs Up for WWII Drama

Tom Felton has an uncanny ability to play the d*ck. As Draco Malfoy, Felton successfully d*cked himself through eight full ‘Harry Potter’ movies, maintaining a rather shocking degree of believability throughout. This takes talent! When Felton filmed ‘Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone,’ he was only 12 years old. How many 12-year-olds do you look at and say, “Wow, that pre-teen is a real d*ck”? (If you’re in… Continue reading Tom Felton, the New Billy Zabka

Harry Potter star Tom Felton once met an American fan who wanted to adopt him. The actor, who plays Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter series, admitted that success of the movies has bred a group of hardcore followers, especially in the US and Japan. However, Felton became spooked when one fan revealed a detailed […] Continue reading Hardcore fan spooks Harry Potter star Tom Felton with adoption scheme

Actor Tom Felton, the blond-wizard in the ‘Harry Potter’ films, has landed a record deal. Felton has signed a deal with indie label Six Strings Productions. “Tom Felton has signed and the album is very much on its way,” the Sun quoted the message on the company’s Twitter page. Felton writes his own tunes, sings […] Continue reading ‘Harry Potter’ star Tom Felton lands record deal