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Ah, the fake trailer. It’s a tradition as old as the Internet. Okay, maybe not that old, but it’s been around long enough to rise and fall in popularity a number of times. The below video probably isn’t going to herald its return, but “Jaws as a Disney Movie” will probably put the same kind of smile on your face as “The Shining as a Family Movie” did back in… Continue reading Afternoon Filler: 'Jaws' as a Disney Movie, Cello Wars, and Zombie Whispering

Trust us, you want to know what the no-budget version of The Avengers trailer looks like. And no, you’re not the only one who kinda wants to watch this one over the real one.

On one hand it’s surprising to see how easy it is to match up scenes from animated Disney movies with Robert Rodriguez’s crazy-sexy-cool Sin City adaptation, but then again no it isn’t. We’ll take those dancing mice… Continue reading Afternoon Filler: 'The Avengers' Trailer Sweded, Walt Disney's 'Sin City,' and William Shatner's Bohemian Rhapsody

Remember back in the early ’90s when Sean Young famously tried to convince the producers Of Batman Returns she should play Catwoman by dressing up as Catwoman and making an awkward show of it only to end up convincing producers everywhere that she was a crazy person who was difficult to work with?  Of course you do, that’s a special kind of awkward not easily forgotten.

Well now Sean Young is… Continue reading Afternoon Filler: Sean Young on Letterman Awkwardly Asking for a Job, The 'Up' House Air-lifted IRL, and a Funny Dog

Multiple plastic surgeons believe that Lindsay Lohan surgically plumped her pout before starting her jail term. “There is no question that Ms. Lohan had filler of some type in her lips,” UsMagazine.com quoted Dr. Michael Olding, the Chief of the Division of Plastic Surgery at George Washington University, as saying. Even dermatologist Dr. Kenneth Beer, […] Continue reading LiLo got filler in her lips before jail: Plastic surgeons