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While he was busy playing action heroes for the better part of three decades, Arnold Schwarzenegger was quietly, and possibly unintentionally, becoming one of cinema’s definitive scence fiction actors.

Unlike comedy or horror, it’s rare to see an actor return to sci-fi again and again. It’s not a genre that tends to typecast or “trap” actors once they become associated with it. While Schwarzenegger has appeared… Continue reading The Last Sci-fi Blog: Arnold Schwarzenegger Is an Unsung Hero of Science Fiction Filmmaking

Gore VerbinskiAP

In “Lone Ranger,” director Gore Verbinski reteams with one of his favorite leading men, Johnny Depp, for another comic romp through the past — only this time they’re playing cowboys instead of pirates.

Moviefone chatted with the director about the difficulties of having a super straight-arrow lead (squared-jawed Armie Hammer of “The Social Network” and “J. Edgar”) as well as doing justice to the way things… Continue reading Gore Verbinski on 'The Lone Ranger,' Working With Johnny Depp, and the 'Bloodbath' of Filmmaking

Sundance Institute Mahindra Global Filmmaking Award given away

Emerging artists from India, Australia, South Africa and Chile honored for their visionary projects

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Delhi | February 7, 2012

Sundance Institute and Mahindra have announced the winners of 2012 Sundance Institute | Mahindra Global Filmmaking Award, in recognition and support of emerging independent filmmakers from around the world. The winning directors and projects are: Shonali Bose, Margarita

If someone needed proof that Ryan Gosling is one of the coolest leading men in Hollywood, they needn’t look any further than Drive, where he plays a stunt driver who moonlights as a getaway man. Ironically, the film primarily seems to focus on the deterioration of his character’s coolness; but Gosling has always been more interested in getting under his characters’ skins than embracing… Continue reading Dialogue: Ryan Gosling on Emotional Filmmaking, Eliminating Dialogue and Becoming a Werewolf for 'Drive'

‘Charlie’s Angles’ star Drew Barrymore says she has been ‘training’ to become a filmmaker since she was six years old.
The stunner stepped behind the camera for the first time to work on the 2009 comedy Whip It.
The actress/producer admits her work as a kid with her godfather Steven Spielberg taught her enough the skills of […] Continue reading Barrymore ‘started filmmaking training when she was 6’