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The Important News

Franchise Fever: F. Gary Gray will direct Fast & Furious 8. Paramount is making at least four more Transformers movies. George Miller will make two Mad Max: Fury Road sequels. Bad Boys 3 is coming soon. Incredibles 2 got a release date. Will Forte says Macgruber 2 is still happening. 

More Sequelitis: Keanu Reeves revealed the premise of John Wick 2. Ridley Scott revealed the premise of Alien: Paradise Lost. Fox revealed more plot details… Continue reading Best of the Week: 'Fast & Furious 8' Finally Found a Director, Marvel Announced 'Ant-Man and The Wasp' and More

Enchanted 2: Talk about something being “So Close.” Disney is finally moving forward with a follow-up to the 2007 live-action/animation hybrid Enchanted. Anne Fletcher (Hot Pursuit) will direct the sequel, which will be titled Disenchanted. No word yet on whether original star Amy Adams will be back or if it will involve any of the same characters or targets of studio self-parody. [Collider]

In the world of Star Wars, there is an ever-elusive treat that fans have always wanted to get their hands on: the original theatrical cuts of the first three films.

Are they finally — officially — coming to a store near you after all these years? Well, let’s figure that out.

So what’s the deal with these theatrical cuts anyway?

“Jurassic World” has finally ceded its crown as the reigning weekend box office champ.

According to new estimates that rolled in on Monday, “Jurassic” took second place at the domestic box office, placing just a hair behind Pixar hit “Inside Out.” “Inside Out” claimed victory with a haul of $ 29.8 million over the Fourth of July weekend, while “Jurassic World” took in $ 29.2… Continue reading 'Inside Out' Finally Beats 'Jurassic World' at Weekend Box Office