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Everyone knows that feeling when they discover a truly bizarre movie for the first time and just can’t wait to share it with friends, if only because watching it with other people confirms that it was not a hallucination and the movie in question actually exists. Over the last few years one of the best places to find these wholly unique gems that… Continue reading The Home of 'Miami Connection' and 'Roar' Finds Its Next Insane Movie to Re-Release

The Lego Movie surprised many when it turned out to not only be a brilliant story that championed creativity and individuality, but also a huge hit, grossing over $ 250 million in the U.S. alone. Naturally it’s then no surprise that Warner Bros. plans to chase that popularity with sequels and spin-offs. The first up of this bunch is The Lego Batman Movie

Even though a lot of people may not instantly recognize the name Harry Lloyd, anyone who watched the first season of Game of Thrones couldn’t possibly forget him as Viserys Targaryen. Lloyd gave the brother of Daenerys that despicably perfect blend of smarm and venom that stood out on a show filled with both those qualities.

Watch ‘Big Significant Things’ Clip Finds… Continue reading Watch 'Big Significant Things' Clip Finds Intimacy In the Small Things (Exclusive)

The wizarding world of Harry Potter is two things: A) wonderful, and B) very, very British. Sure, the eight movies made from seven books do mention places outside of the Hogwarts homeland of Britain, and there are some characters and references from other countries thrown in the mix, but America is not one of them.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Beauty and the Beast: Another update on Disney’s live-action remake of their 1991 animated Best Picture nominee, as a release date for Beauty and the Beast has been set for St. Patrick’s Day (March 17), 2017. Also, joining the cast are Emma Thompson, who’ll play Mrs. Potts, the teapot, and Kevin Kline, who will play Belle’s father. Finally, the movie has been confirmed as… Continue reading Movie News: 'Beauty and the Beast' Finds Its Teapot; Eddie Murphy to Play Richard Pryor's Father