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Whitney Houston, who passed away suddenly on Saturday afternoon at the age of 48, will be forever remembered as a once-in-a-generation singer, but Houston’s work as an actress showed her incredible talents weren’t limited to just the stage.

Houston starred in three films between 1992 and 1996, working opposite Oscar-nominated actors like Kevin Costner, Denzel Washington and Angela Bassett. Her screen debut was as singer Rachel Marron in the smash-hit romance… Continue reading Whitney Houston Dies: Remembering Her Finest Onscreen Moment In 'The Bodyguard'

124419975 Ryan Gosling Birthday: Actor Turns 31; Whats His Finest Onscreen Moment

Hey girl

(and boy): it’s Ryan Gosling’s 31st birthday! You can celebrate this extra-special occasion by breaking up a street fight, wearing a stripped tank top, walking a dog, or seeing one of Gosling’s three 2011 releases: ‘Crazy Stupid Love’ (on DVD now), ‘Drive’ and ‘The Ides of March.’ Either that, or check out a slideshow of adorable Gosling pics ahead (is there any other kind?)… Continue reading Ryan Gosling Birthday: Actor Turns 31; What's His Finest Onscreen Moment

Google launches virtual tour of world’s finest museums

google21 150x150 Google launches virtual tour of world’s finest museumsGoogle is harnessing its controversial Street View technology to take you on a virtual tour of the world’s finest museums, from the comfort of your home. The search giant even claims its Art Project tours are better than the real thing, with one exhibit in each location available in a high-resolution image that goes beyond [...] Continue reading Google launches virtual tour of world’s finest museums

Brooklyn’s Finest

Brooklyn’s Finest

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Something of a genre homecoming, Antoine Fuqua’s latest film once again finds him delving into the gritty, brutal realm of cops and crooks—as he did in Training Day. Tango is an undercover officer on a narcotics detail that forces him to choose between duty and friendship. Having been to hell and back, he wants out, but… Continue reading Brooklyn's Finest

w11941 260x195 Boston’s Finest TV Pilot Filming location pictures   March 22nd

Thanks to Joey for getting these pictures to us. The first four pictures were taken on the 20th. The trailers and the filming crew were across the street, in standby for the weekend.

This picture was just taken. Its in area of Shawmut Avenue and Union Park Street. Its todays filming location for “Boston’s Finest.” Thanks also to Joey for this picture.

I heard the weather was pretty bad, but if you happened to head down and get some pics send them our way to admin@beforethetrailer.com

Click on the link to check out the photos