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Star/director Clint Eastwood wields weaponry, commands troops and triggers soaring suspense and adventure in two popular action hits. The Cold War heats up when war-haunted pilot Eastwood slips inside the Soviet Union to steal the mind-controlled high-tech fighter called Firefox. And he’s a semper fi lifer who whips raw Marine recruits into shape and leads them into the invasion of Grenada in Heartbreak Ridge… Continue reading Firefox / Heartbreak Ridge (Two-Movie Collection) [Blu-ray]

Are you ready for the new version of Firefox? Mozilla has unveiled Firefox 4 Beta that comes in a new look as well as a big number of new features. With the release of Firefox 4 Beta the company has introduced a new interface. You will be able to see tabs on top as well […] Continue reading Mozilla Unveils Firefox 4 Beta

It has recently become known, that three days passed after Mozilla added its crash Firefox protection when the company had to introduce one more release on Friday. The reason for that was the fact that Firefox users who used to play Farmville on Facebook complained that their browser simply shut down all of a sudden. […] Continue reading Firefox Updates Prevent Browser Crashes

Firefox is known for combining of social networking with Web browsing. But just released the Flock 3beta has kept it self away from its Firefox base and replaces it with Google-supported Chromium.
The Flock 3beta is currently accessible for Windows only. But two weeks ago, Flock CEO Shawn Hardin had said that a Mac […] Continue reading New Flock attaches to Chrome

Had enough of Bieber Fever? There’s an app for that!From Saturday Night Live to the BET Awards, it seems Justin Bieber is everywhere these days. And if you’re over the age of 12, chances are you’ve seen enough. De-Bieberize your PC with the help of Firefox! The pint-sized blue-eyed soul star, who was recently […] Continue reading Firefox Erases Justin Bieber From The Internet With “Shaved Bieber” Application