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Evan Rachel Wood — who’s Hollywood portfolio includes box office dramas like Thirteen and The Wrestler — is teaming up with controversial shock rocker Marilyn Manson (who just happens to be her fiance) to star in a big screen retro-slasher romp.Wood and Manson will appear side-by-side in Splatter Sisters, a bloody ode to the […] Continue reading Marilyn Manson To Join Fiancee Evan Rachel Wood In Slasher Flick “Splatter Sisters”

‘Just Go with It’ is the new flick which will have the two beautiful actresses working together in it i.e. Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Aniston.
Yes, on one side we have the lady known for her striking Australian and not especially for her roles in the romantic comedies and the other side is the Californian beauty […] Continue reading Jennifer Aniston Finds Nicole Kidman as Friend

“I Know Who Killed Me” was the last flick in 2007 in which we witnessed the actress, Lindsay Lohan. After that the lady has not been seen on the screen, no doubt, she has been striving real hard but recently her career met another huge obstacle. As reported by the TMZ, Lohan has been fired […] Continue reading Lindsay Lohan Fired – ‘The Other Side’

The next James Bond flick may be Dame Judi Dench’’s last.
Dame Judi, 75, has appeared in the last six 007 movies as Bond’’s boss M.
However, rumour has it that her appearance in the upcoming Bond thriller will be her last.
Dame Judi wowed fans when she first starred as Bond’’s long-suffering boss in GoldenEye, which also […] Continue reading Next Bond flick to be Dame Judi Dench’’s last?

Colin Farrell says he was forced to mend his ways when the word spread on the sets of Miami Vice that the actor wasn”t “reliable”.
Farrell, 33, checked into rehab soon after filming the Michael Mann flick – because he realised his addictions were becoming a nuisance.
“I was always very functional, but that […] Continue reading Colin Farrell became “really bad news” on Miami Vice set