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On Friday, we get another found-footage movie: Into the Storm. This time, it’s a tornado-based disaster picture, a la Twister, but most of it is shot through the perspective of its characters’ own professional and amateur video cameras. Found footage is clearly not a trend anymore. Eventually we’re likely to see every genre and every storyline done in this style. And that’s not… Continue reading Discuss: What Is the Best Found-Footage Movie?

Recent years have seen the rise of an odd trend. Documentary films, once relegated to art house cinemas, have begun playing in major multiplexes and performing well at the box office. Perhaps the subject matter has a lot to do with it. The bulk of the hits aren’t politically motivated or educational, but chilling looks at the world’s greatest mysteries, disasters and horrors. These… Continue reading Grading the Best (and Worst) Cameramen in Found-Footage Horror