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Just when you thought Tyler Perry’s screen talents were limited to penning tragic tales of “The Black Experience” and packin’ heat as pistol-totin’ granny Madea, the actor/director/philanthropist goes and gets himself cast as the new Alex Cross! The man behind urban cinema hits like Why Did I Get Married? and Madea’s Family Reunion is stepping [...] Continue reading Tyler Perry Replaces Morgan Freeman As Alex Cross

morgan freeman1 150x150 Twitter hoax kills very much alive Morgan FreemanThough Morgan Freeman is alive and well, fans of the actor were sent into a panic when a rumour rocketed across the Internet on Thursday that CNN had reported his death. The star died on Thursday — not in real life, but according to a Twitter hoax that duped countless users, reports the New York [...] Continue reading Twitter hoax kills very-much alive Morgan Freeman

It started with one random Tweet, now Twitter user @OriginalCJizzle has issued a public apology after he sent Tweeters into a tizzy with a comment that prompted thousands of members of the microblogging hub to believe that actor Oscar-winning actor Morgan Freeman was dead. The Glory star died Thursday — not in real life — [...] Continue reading Morgan Freeman Dead? Morgan Freeman Death Hoax Rocks Twitter

A Los Angeles political firm denies it misled a congressional candidate in North Carolina about a radio ad for the candidate using an actor that … Continue reading GOP candidate apologizes to Morgan Freeman over ad

Republican candidate apologises to Freeman

Raleigh – A North Carolina congressional candidate apologised on Monday night to Oscar-winning actor Morgan Freeman after falsely claiming that the… Continue reading Republican candidate apologises to Freeman