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A 21-year-old student and star athlete has been charged with brutally beating his girlfriend to death in her dorm room at an upstate New York college.

Clayton Whittemore, who attends Utica College, allegedly admitted to causing the death of Alexandra Kogut, according to the felony complaint obtained by the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle.

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Police were alerted early Saturday morning when Kogut’s mother… Continue reading Star Athlete Charged In Beating Death Of His College Freshman Girlfriend

FRESHMAN FATHER , a new Hallmark movie airing Saturday, June 5 (9p.m. ).
The movie stars Drew Seeley, Annie Potts, and Kim Zimmer.
Prom king and queen John Patton (Seeley) and Kathy Blair (Britt Irvin, “Hot Rod”) are the perfect small-town couple.
They have everything they’ve ever wanted—including John’s full ride to Harvard University. But that […] Continue reading FRESHMAN FATHER on Hallmark Channel

Brown ain’t no Hogwarts! In her first week of college, Harry Potter’s Emma Watson discovered that red beer cups and frat parties had replaced red carpets and Burberry bags. The actress hated her first week at Rhode Island’s prestigious Brown University — particularly she was certain she didn’t fit in and worried about being ostracized […] Continue reading Emma Watson Struggled Through Freshman Blues During First Weeks At Brown University