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Director Steve McQueen is basking in the glory of his Independent Spirit Awards sweep and Oscars win for 12 Years a Slave. While we wait to hear where the filmmaker will be leading us next, take a look at this video essay featuring McQueen discussing the power of cinema.

For the British filmmaker, movies have to be about “an urgency, a necessity.” The Turner Prize-winning artist has… Continue reading Watch: '12 Years a Slave' Director Steve McQueen Explains Why He Never Wants to Make His Films Friendly

Science-fiction movies like to portray a grim version of our future — from dystopian thrillers (“Blade Runner”) to space-age frontier flicks (“2001: A Space Odyssey”) — and include plenty of ridiculous technological advances. (Phasers! Time machines! Cloaking devices!) However, out of all the sophisticated gadgets sci-fi has to offer, the ones that connect the most with moviegoers

The two step out for a meal at the actress’s favorite L.A. restaurant… Continue reading Jennifer Aniston Shares Friendly Dinner with Justin Theroux

You just can’t take some people anywhere! You can take The Snooki away from the Jersey Shore, but exorcising the Jersey Shore from The Snooki is another story! Passengers aboard […]

lindsay lohan9Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan was recently seen enjoying a friendly dinner with her ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson at a restaurant. Lohan moved into a house next door to Ronson’s in Venice, California, after finishing her rehab stint earlier this month. After meeting at Ronson’s home, they headed to Joe’s in Venice for dinner. They “shared a […] Continue reading Lohan shares friendly dinner with Ronson