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Norwegian neighbors get cozy, romantic relationships are examined, and a stand-up comedian enjoys a standout weekend, all in this week’s column.


Pick of the Week



Bearing in mind that I haven’t seen any of the films opening in limited release this weekend, my pick is Happy, Happy, a film about life, love, romance, and sex involving two neighboring couples in Norway. I have

Comedy fans are eagerly awaiting the release of this weekend’s ’30 Minutes or Less,’ starring Jesse Eisenberg as a hapless pizza-delivery boy who gets sucked into an elaborate and dangerous plot when he is kidnapped by two inept criminals and forced to rob a bank for them while wearing a bomb strapped to his chest. With the help of his best friend, he must somehow pull off the… Continue reading The Director of '30 Minutes or Less' Addresses His Funny Take on the Grisly True Story

Review in a Hurry: A gender-switched take on 9 to 5, Bosses follows three doofus dudes who conspire to kill their execrable supervisors and fail miserably. Though sporadically funny, this revenge comedy about emasculated males in the workplace is more talk when it should go balls-out insane.… Continue reading Movie Review: Horrible Bosses Is Funny, but Doesn't Let Its Cast Go All Out

Youth in Revolt, Michael CeraReview in a Hurry: A floppy young man (Michael Cera) develops an alter ego (an unblinking Michael Cera) to win over a girl, in this flick that’s surprisingly funny for something released in…

By Adam S. LevyRadar Staff Writer
Call him Mad Max.
Christina Aguilera, appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Thursday night , said her 3-year-old son Max is quite protective of her, and isn’t afraid of telling people, “Don’t touch my mommy!”
The W… Continue reading VIDEO: Christina Aguilera's Son Max 'Very Protective' Of Mommy