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Tonight’s episode of The Following ended on a helluva cliffhanger: Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon) finally found the cult threesome’s farm house and nearly rescued Joey (Kyle Catlett). Unfortunately, Hardy was caught by gun-wielding Paul (Adan Canto). Now, EW can exclusively reveal what happens in next week’s opening sequence, which picks up immediately after this cliffhanger. Having seen the episode, I can say things only get crazier from here. Watch… Continue reading ‘The Following’: Watch the intense opening sequence for next week’s game-changing episode — EXCLUSIVE VIDEO


Image Credit: David Gray/ABC

Did you audibly gasp during this week’s episode of Once Upon A Time? Whether it was the citizens of Storybrooke exacting revenge on Regina (alas, it was but a nightmare) or Henry feasting on the most unfortunate baked good ever made, The penultimate episode of Once Upon a Time was full of shocking moments, but also… Continue reading ‘Once Upon A Time’ producers talk last week’s killer episode, tease ‘game-changing’ season finale

Elle Magazine is celebrating it’s 25th anniversary with its October issue by profiling 25 Hollywood Game-Changing Women in their Twenties.When Elle debuted on newsstands in 1985, Wham’s “Careless Whisper” topped the charts, “Back To The Future was hot in theaters, and The Cosby Show was the most watched sitcom in American. All the while, a […] Continue reading Elle Magazine Names Megan Fox, Gabourey Sidibe, Lauren Conrad Game-Changing “25-Somethings!”