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2012 03 27 MBarnardProfile Does The Hunger Games Set a Bad Example for Using Violence as Conflict Resolution?By Mike BarnardAssociate Partner, Application Innovation Services, and Business Architect, IBM GBS

Well, I personally think the point at which Mr. King derails whatever argument he was establishing is when he says:

I worry that not everyone reading the book or seeing the movie understands that the Capitol is wrong for creating the games, the citizens are wrong for watching them, and the… Continue reading Does The Hunger Games Set a Bad Example for Using Violence as Conflict Resolution?

‘The Hunger Games’ Weekend Box Office: $155 Million

Sorry, Bella. When it comes to box-office odds, Katniss Everdeen had everything in her favor. “The Hunger Games” scored $ 155 million in North American ticket sales this weekend, the third highest opening weekend of all time, according to estimates from Lionsgate.

Only “The Dark Knight” ($ 158.4 million) and “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2″ ($ 169.1 million) have had stronger opening weekend showings, giving “The Hunger Games”… Continue reading 'The Hunger Games' Weekend Box Office: $155 Million

Besting any number of opening weekend records, The Hunger Games (review here) opened this weekend with a scorching $ 155 million.  That’s the third-biggest opening weekend of all-time, behind The Dark Knight ($ 158 million) and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part II ($ 169 million).  Obviously by virtue of being number three on the list, it’s also the biggest opening weekend for a non-summer movie, a non-sequel.  It’s of… Continue reading Weekend Box Office: The Hunger Games Opens With $155 million -- Why It's Good News for the Industry and the Moviegoer

The Hunger Games 4 The Hunger Games Devours Weekend Box Office with Third Biggest Opening of All Time

Those wondering whether The Hunger Games could put up Twilight numbers … well, what if we told you The Hunger Games put up better numbers than any of the Twilight movies so far? Early predictions had the hotly-anticipated film finishing its opening weekend with somewhere between $ 90 and $ 110 million, but The Hunger Games surprised with a whopping $ 155 million, giving it the third… Continue reading 'The Hunger Games' Devours Weekend Box Office with Third Biggest Opening of All Time

Put on your reaping outfits and straighten your Mocking Jay — “The Hunger Games” is finally here!

The Jennifer Lawrence-led dystopian flick hit theaters last night and already racked in a “Twilight’s” ransom. So, whether you’re gloating (and yawning) after catching the midnight showing or you’re planning in a weekend screening, it’s full-on “Hunger Games” mania.

And what better way to celebrate your undying devotion than checking out the hilariously macabre meme… Continue reading 'Hunger Games' Name Generator: Find Out Your Cause Of Death