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Namco Bandai Games and Paramount Pictures have released this new Gamescom trailer for Star Trek, the new video game that casts players for the first time ever as Kirk and Spock. Set in the new canon of director and producer J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek reboot, players will be immersed in the games rich story and action-packed combat.

Under development by Ontario-based developers Digital Extremes (BioShock 2, Dark… Continue reading Games: The New Star Trek Gamescom Trailer

While “Catching Fire” may have reaped most of its cast, the third installment of “The Hunger Games” now has its release date.

“Catching Fire” is set to hit theaters November 22, 2013, and it will be followed by a two-part conclusion of “Mockingjay” on November 21, 2014 and November 20, 2015.

[{“entry_id”:”1650726″,”entry_url”:”http:\/\/news.moviefone.com\/2012\/07\/05\/savages-movie-review-oliver-stone_n_1650726.html”,”content_type”:”image”,”image_url”:”gadgets\/slideshows\/236941\/slide_236941_1187678_small.jpg”,”thumbnail_url”:”gadgets\/slideshows\/236941\/slide_236941_1187678_small.jpg”,”title”:”‘Savages’ Review: The Pros And Cons Of Oliver Stone’s Drug War Movie”,”slideshow_id”:”236941″,”vertical”:”moviefone”},{“entry_id”:”1649389″,”entry_url”:”http:\/\/news.moviefone.com\/2012\/07\/04\/oz-the-great-and-powerful-poster_n_1649389.html”,”content_type”:”image”,”image_url”:”gadgets\/slideshows\/214475\/slide_214475_785849_small.jpg”,”thumbnail_url”:”gadgets\/slideshows\/214475\/slide_214475_785849_small.jpg”,”title”:”‘Oz: The Great And Powerful’ Poster: Sam Raimi’s

June 3, 2012

It appears that production on Lionsgate’s upcoming The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is being planned to take place in Atlanta, Georgia. The news arrives from Access Atlanta, reporting that the highly-anticipated sequel will film in and around the city from July to December.

Written by Simon Bea and Michael Arndt and adapted from Suzanne Collins’ bestseller, the Francis Lawrence film will

Top 10 most expected Ps3 games of 2012 with trailers [HD]

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Hunger Games – Jennifer Lawrence HD MOVIE (2012)

‘Hunger Games’ Exclusive PopUp Trailer: For those of you who are fans of the book, you know they are extremely violent… do you think a PG-13 ratings will do the book justice? SUBSCRIBE to stay in the know as NEW trailers debut: bit.ly PopUp Trailers dive deep into everything you want to know about your favorite films… Continue reading Hunger Games - Jennifer Lawrence HD MOVIE (2012)