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Ah, to be as squeaky-clean and even-tempered as actor Richard Gere.

When we realized that James Lipton’s liveblog of the Oscars and the 10-year anniversary of the Best Picture win by “Chicago” were happening the same year (the cast will reunite in Sunday’s broadcast), we decided to take a look back at Lipton’s various “Inside the Actors Studio” run-ins with the stars of the movie musical. Right away, we stumbled on… Continue reading Richard Gere Does Curse, We Swear

Richard Gere in ‘Arbitrage’: Sundance Film Festival’s First Oscar Contender?

The nominees for the 84th annual Academy Awards won’t be announced until Tuesday morning, but that doesn’t mean it’s too early to start looking ahead to next year’s nominations. Judging from the buzz at the Sundance Film Festival, the 85th annual Academy Awards ceremony might be a special one for Richard Gere; the veteran actor could be in the heat of the Best Actor race thanks to his performance in… Continue reading Richard Gere in 'Arbitrage': Sundance Film Festival's First Oscar Contender?

HOLLYWOOD actor Richard Gere dislocated his shoulder filming a fight scene in new thriller The Double, causing filming to stop for six weeks as the … Continue reading 'Beautiful' Richard Gere pops a socket