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Giant albino spiders escape from the bowels of the Earth and wreak havoc on New Orleans in Syfy’s … Arachnoquake! EW.com has the first trailer, below. The movie stars Tracey Gold (Growing Pains) and Edward Furlong (Terminator 2) and they’ve, uh, never looked better!

Arachnoquake airs June 23. And, of course, Syfy has a little show called Jersey Shore Shark Attack coming this Saturday. Here’s the trailer. “It’s time… Continue reading Syfy’s ‘Arachnoquake’ first trailer: Tracey Gold vs. giant spiders — EXCLUSIVE

‘Jack The Giant Killer’ Release Date Moves To 2013

It looks like the Nicholas Hoult star train has hit some delays. The up and comer — who you might remember as either Beast in “X-Men: First Class” or the boy in “About A Boy” — was poised to have a strong 2012 with starring roles in both “Jack the Giant Killer” and “Warm Bodies,” but Warner Bros. has shifted “Killer” to 2013.

The Bryan Singer-directed blockbuster — a reimagining of… Continue reading 'Jack The Giant Killer' Release Date Moves To 2013

As long as fairytales exist, Hollywood will never be out of ideas. At least that’s the takeaway from the trailer for ‘Jack the Giant Killer,’ which reimagines classic folklore ‘Jack the Giant Killer’ — and ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ — into a slam-bam action spectacle with monstrous giants, flaming trees, and a handful of beans … “that can change the world as we know it.” OK, beans… Continue reading 'Jack the Giant Killer' Trailer: When Beans Attack

What if Modern Family wasn’t as funny, and was more about three shlubs stuck in this season’s pointless trend of fighting for their own masculinity? Man Up!, that’s what! The newest addition to ABC’s comedy lineup debuted last night as part of the network’s testosterone restoration project (it’s paired with Tim Allen’s Last Man Standing), and it’s not horrible, but it certainly isn’t good.

The Modern Family comparisons are inevitable, especially… Continue reading Man Up! Takes One Giant Backwards Leap for Mankind

October 17, 2011

Shia LaBeouf has attached himself to a script from Gil Kenan, currently titled A Giant. Variety has the news, claiming that the title is likely only temporary.

The film, described by AngeleFine Productions as “Lars and the Real Girl meets Edward Scissorhands,” would star LaBeouf as a 20-foot giant. Their full synopsis is as follows:

A modern day adult dramatic fairy tale. A