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‘Doctor Who’ Christmas special: The Doctor gives a magical gift

doctor-who-christmas-2011.jpgOne of the many good things about the revival of “Doctor Who” is that it has also revived the show’s Christmas special — and that for the past two years, we actually get to see it on Christmas in the United States as fans do in the U.K.

Sunday’s special is called “The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe,” which takes its inspiration from C.S. Lewis… Continue reading 'Doctor Who' Christmas special: The Doctor gives a magical gift

ESPN Films 30 for 30 Gift Set Collection, Volume 1

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ESPN Films 30 for 30 Gift Set Collection, Volume 1

  • ESPN Films presents 30 for 30, a critically acclaimed, unprecedented series featuring thirty films from some of today s finest filmmakers, including Barry Levinson, Peter

You parents at home who also happen to be movie nerds (raises hand) are probably always on the lookout for something from your geeky youth that you can share with your child and bond over your mutual appreciation of the material. Your kid will most likely begin obsessing over geek-friendly movie franchises once they discover said franchise’s LEGO video game (ie: Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Harry

Looking to add a little nerd to that next wedding you’re being forced to attend? Want to surprise your own bride by rockin’ a little Wars as you walk down the aisle? Or maybe you just want to add a little extra spunk to that old suit hanging in your closet. Whatever the case, they’re making Star Wars cufflinks now! {Applause} Just like you imagined back when you were a… Continue reading Holiday Gift Idea #198: Geek Out in Style with These 'Star Wars' Cufflinks

Now that Halloween is over and done with, it’s time to start your holiday shopping, right? The groans we hear must be you covering your joyful squeals with a sock. But does that sock come with a cape? Anyway, we’ll be throwing out all sorts of holiday gift ideas in the coming weeks, so keep the gift-buying part of your brain tuned to Movies.com so that we can… Continue reading Holiday Gift Idea #467: Superhero Socks with Capes